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Get more customers for your business through social media advertising.Our ad strategy provides you an opportunity to spend less and get more verified customer leads.

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Our ad campaigns reduces your advertising cost

Stop spending money with useless ads which doesn’t produce any quality leads.

Test your ads before increasing budgets.We will completely optimize your ad campaigns.

Why Choose Us

Perfect Ad Copy

We create ad copy that scores highest in ad relevance.Tempt your customers to contact you for your services.

High Click Through Rate

High click through rate can save you lots of money.Our ad campaigns convey a solution for your customers.

Quality Landing Pages

Our landing pages convey the right message to your users coming though your ads.

Low cost per click

With a perfect balance of ad copy,you can expect high CTR and it generates leads with low CPC.

What we do for you


Learning more about your business and your end customers gives your ad campaign a boost when compared with your competitors.

Improve Performance

Optimizing your entire ad campaign is crucial for long term success when it comes to social media ads.We constantly improve your ROI.

A/B Testing

By split testing your ad campaigns,you get a edge over your competitors.Ads which produces more results are maintained further.


Retargeting users who have already shown interest in your business increases the chances of conversions.This will save you lot of money.

Device Optimization

We create ad copy with device utilization in mind.Your ad copy and ad banners should look creative in both mobile and desktop versions.

Extensive Reporting

Continuous reporting of your ad campaigns keeps your on track.You can increase your rate of success by monitoring your ads on regular basis.

One package for all ads

Ad Optimization

Banner design

We will design best possible image for your ads

Lead Sync

Back Up Of Lead data

All data of your customers are safely saved in our system for future reference.

Monthly cost

Rs 6500 for our service plus your ad budget.


CRM integration

More Benifits For You

Reduced Cost
Landing Page Optimization
Creative Headline
24/7 Customer Support
Qualified Leads

Expertly Crafted Ad Campaigns

N1 Media Solutions is a digital marketing agency that works with game-changing brands, inspired companies, and global influencers. Our core strategic engagements are designed to deliver results, from branding that breathes life into your story, to platform design that fosters engagement and campaigns that drive consumer action. Whether you’re just starting out or evolving your brand, N1 Media Solutions will help you grow.

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If you play your cards right on social media campaigns,your overall growth as a company will be huge.This is the right time to get into social media with right ad campaigns and target your customers for more sales and revenue.

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